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Using CBD for sleep dates back further than you may realize. Reports show that mentions of its health benefits specifically as an aid for sleep and insomnia dates back to Chinese medicinal texts from 1200 A.D.. Today, CBD is exploding in popularity for its health benefits, especially when it comes to sleep. Promising research is emerging as CBD is being studied specifically for its ability to help those with chronic sleep disorders.

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Why are CBD products good for sleep?

CBD products serve as an anti inflammatory, reducing inflammation in the body that’s correlated with stress, anxiety and other chronic conditions. When you relax those chronic conditions or relax that inflammation, the body’s able to relax and sleep better.

Common questions

Can you use too much CBD and have negative effects for sleeping?

Not really. Utilizing high doses of CBD can actually promote sleep, making people more sleepy. If doses are too high, it can result in headaches and other undesirable side effects, but you can’t overdose on CBD. You can’t negatively impact your health. But if you take very high doses, it’s been shown to make people very sleepy.

Does CBD just help you fall asleep or does it help promote a deeper sleep?

The initial relaxation from CBD gets you into a state where you can sleep better. Additionally once you fall asleep both REM sleep and deep sleep patterns improve.

Is CBD for insomnia and sleep safe for long term use?

Yes. Through control dosing, CBD is suitable for long-term and daily use for sleep and insomnia assistance.

What does the research say about CBD oil for sleep aid?

CBD is a naturally occurring molecule that’s easily identified by the body and the uptake and absorbability allow it to immediately respond within 10 to 20 minutes from a biofeedback standpoint. Because it’s a naturally occurring molecule, the body accepts it, utilizes it, and works with the endocannabinoid system very efficiently. This in turn provides access to better sleep. CBD significantly increases the REM sleep pattern and the deep sleep cycles with a reduction in insomnia.

In one of the most recent studies on CBD for sleep in 2019, researchers found that 66.7% of subjects with poor sleep scores saw their sleep scores improved within the first month when administered CBD. Other studies on the role of CBD on sleep suggest it may even help you achieve a deeper, more restful sleep as subjects taking “160 mg cannabidiol reported having slept significantly more than those receiving placebo [as well as] significantly less dream recall”. CBD Marketplace carries a variety of different delivery methods including the popular CBD oil for sleep and insomnia.

What are the best CBD products for sleep?

Straight CBD oil is the best baseline treatment for sleep promotion. CBD capsules are also great for sleep aid as they are often integrated with supporting plant based materials that can improve the performance and provide a more sustainable outcome for better sleep. Relaxing drinks like chamomile teas or beverages infused with CBD are also effective forms of CBD to promote sleep as the other ingredients work in conjunction to promote relaxation in the body.

The Complete Guide to Natural Sleep Aid & Insomnia Relief

As people try to find more natural ways to treat sleep disorders like insomnia, CBD has become one of the most talked about alternatives to Big Pharma sleep aids that often come with some very serious and very scary side effects along with the potential for dependency issues.

Can CBD help me sleep?

Whether you have serious insomnia issues or just a hard time falling asleep and getting that deep restful 8 hours we all know is vital to a healthy lifestyle, CBD has been shown to help all levels of sleep problems.

Researchers in a 2018 study on treating insomnia with cannabis concluded that “[the] consumption of medical Cannabis flower is associated with significant improvements in perceived insomnia with differential effectiveness”.

Another study on the role of CBD on sleep in general reported that “Subjects receiving 160 mg cannabidiol reported having slept significantly more than those receiving placebo”. CBD also affected REM sleep positively as subjects “also reported significantly less dream recall; with the three doses of cannabidiol than with placebo”.

Dosage Guidelines

Decide what type of CBD product you want to use

The boom of the CBD industry has yielded a massive selection in types of CBD products. You can consume gummy bears infused with CBD, or oil tinctures to take orally, or even creams to apply transdermally. Decide which method of delivery is best for you and your lifestyle.

Transparent Labels and Quality Ingredients

Whatever type of product you decide on make sure you choose a reputable company that is completely transparent with their label disclosures and ingredient

quality. Just like other industries, the CBD market is flooded with fakes, poorly made products, and mis labeled products.

Start Low

It is always best to start with a very small dose (for sleep most recommendations hover around the 25-30mg mark), especially if you have little to no experience in consuming CBD products. Listen to your body and slowly increase the dose as needed.

Only Use CBD When Needed

CBD is not a recreational drug, so there’s no need to worry about the typical issues associated with those. But you do want to be careful about it losing its effectiveness over time. If you use CBD to help with sleep it is always recommended to use it on an “as needed” basis.

Use it as a “Supplement”

It is best to use CBD as a supplemental aid to healthy sleeping habits, not a crutch to rely on consistently every night.

Never Overdo It

As with a lot of things in life, “Less is more”.

Be Cautious of Side Effects

CBD is nature’s medicine and a very safe alternative to Big Pharma. But experience, tolerance and delivery method all play a role in effects. Doing too much can give you unfavorable side effects like dizziness or dry mouth and those in turn can actually make it more difficult to fall asleep.

Consult Your Doctor

Before any CBD treatment you should ALWAYS consult with your doctor or health care professional first. Everyone is different and past experiences with alcohol or drug abuse can often change how, when or even if CBD is right for you. Your health care professional can advise you best.