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CBD treats for your dog or cat? Yes we have that! You’ve likely heard of CBD for human use to treat a variety of conditions, but increasingly hemp CBD may be used to help ease animal ailments, treat separation anxiety and boost the overall health of your pet. In a recent survey from Veterinary Information Network nearly ⅔ of pet owners asked their vet about using CBD to help their dog, cat, or pet.

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Why are CBD products good for pets?

Similar to the benefits shown in humans, CBD can help reduce stress and anxiety in pets. Giving your dog or cat CBD regularly can help reduce issues with pain and inflammation that cause stress and anxiety. Studies have shown CBD can help improve the mobility of dogs in their elder years and can promote a restful state, improving overall sleep.

Common questions

What is the best way to give my dog or cat CBD?

Generally there are two primary ways oil drops or flavored treats. CBD oils and tinctures come in pet friendly flavors making it easy to mix into food or add to generic treats. Most CBD oil for pets should be in the two to five milligram strength per dose. The most popular CBD treats for pets are Phyto-Bites which are an easy to administer soft chew that allows for absorption of CBD both orally and through the gastro-intestinal tract.

Is it completely safe to give my pet CBD products?

Absolutely! Just like humans, CBD is a naturally derived molecule from the hemp plant that shows incredible therapeutic benefits for any species! We recommend low doses for all pets and a regular frequency for the overall health and wellness of your animal.

What does the research say about CBD for dogs and cats?

Recent studies out of the Colorado State University are showing incredibly promising results. The study focused on dogs with epilepsy and found that when administered CBD, these dogs experienced an 89% decrease in frequency of seizures. This study also set some guidelines for dosing showing that two to five milligrams of CBD daily is sufficient for most dogs to see the overall benefits of cannabidiol products.

The Complete Guide to Natural Health For Your Pet

Pet owners from all over the world worry about their pets health. Not just their current health but longevity, ailments, and illnesses that come along with aging. You may have heard of CBD as a natural elixir to help with a variety of ailments for humans, but increasingly pet owners are looking at this amazing plant to help their dogs and cats! With the boom of the CBD industry and advancements in extraction and delivery, you can now offer the same benefits to your pets!

Can CBD really help my dog or cat?

The short answer – ABSOLUTELY YES! With the explosion of CBD, more and more science is rolling in at an incredible rate. The research we do have already speaks volumes about the benefits of CBD for all pets. In one of the biggest surveys of over 600 pet owners, the AHVMA (American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association) asked what type of relief CBD yielded for their pet. The responses show just how versatile this plant truly is. These included sleep aid, anxiety relief, reduced inflammation, decrease in rash and skin conditions, aid in digestive issues, reduced muscle spasms, pain relief, and even reduction in tumors in animals with cancer.

Another study conducted at The College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University looked at dogs suffering from different levels of osteoarthritis. When administered CBD, these dogs showed an increase in mobility and reduction in pain associated with the disease.

What should I be looking for in CBD for my pet?

Products extracted from Hemp

CBD extracted from hemp is the only kind you want to give to your pet. Some CBD is extracted from the marijuana plant and thus may have higher levels of THC. Certain animals have more CB1 receptors than humans, making them even more susceptible to the psychoactive properties of THC. Hemp extracts are not only legal but safer for your pet.

Check Ingredients and Hemp Plant Origin

Just like the food you consume, you always want to try and get CBD from natural hemp. The plant can absorb chemicals from the soil and with the popularity of CBD, some pretenders have flooded the market that can contain chemicals and pesticides. Look for 3rd party verification sites like CBD Marketplace that thoroughly vet brands and guarantee strength and label transparency.

Also check for human ingredients you do not want to give your dog or cat. Things like sugar alcohols that are used to sweeten human grade CBD products and are safe for humans, can be toxic to dogs even in small doses. Look at the ingredients carefully and opt for “pet specific” CBD products.

CBD not hemp seed oil

A common misconception, these are not the same. Hemp seed oil can be used as a healthy fat supplement for your pet, but it is pressed from the seeds of the hemp plant and therefore doesn’t contain CBD. The health benefits come

Product and Dosing Guide for Pets

CBD Oils

Tinctures and liquids are the most common as have a more rapid effect because they get into the bloodstream the fastest. Feeding you pet with oils its best to administer 3-4 times a day. For pets under 20 pounds – 2-3 drops which contain about 0.1ml, 3 to 4 times daily. For pets over 20 pounds – 3-4 drops which contain about 0.1ml, 3-4 times per day. Look for oils and tinctures like Adventure Pet CBD Tincture in Bacon Flavor that your dog or cat will enjoy!

CBD Capsules

Capsules come in all strengths and sizes. Make sure to read the label and find the recommended dosing for your pet’s size. Usually for animals under 20 lbs you want to get 4mg capsules and for dogs 20 pounds and up 8.5mg capsules.

Dog and Cat Treats

The easiest and most popular way to incorporate CBD into your dog or cats diet. Dog and cat treats are formulated to taste good and go down easily. Products like Phyto-Bites Soft Chews for Dogs and Cats are incredibly convenient as they make treats for different sized dogs and cats and even make convenient travel tins!