Best CBD-Infused Drinks & Beverages


Just as they sound, CBD drinks are cannabinoid-infused beverages, sodas, and teas that make it extremely easy and convenient to get the proper dose of CBD at anytime. CBD-infused drinks are much like edibles in that you can get the exact dose you are looking for without having to measure out an oil or tincture. With a variety of different flavors and types, CBD beverages are one of the most popular forms of consuming CBD.

Great for:

  • Pain Relief
  • Anxiety Relief
  • Sleep Aid
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What are CBD beverages?

You’ve got many options for getting your daily dose of CBD, but don’t forget about the power of infused drinks and beverages. Drinks containing the perfect amount of CBD are not only convenient, they also add fun to the routine of taking your daily dose. You’ve got many options for adding CBD drinks to your day, whether you want something to mix up at home to share with friends or ready to drink, on the go beverages when you’re busy.

What are the effects of CBD drinks?

Drinks infused with Cannabidiol (CBD) offer the same effects as other CBD products. Some potential positive benefits of these drinks include:

  • Relief from chronic or acute pain, ranging from the joint aches of arthritis to migraines and cluster headaches
  • Assistance in falling asleep quickly and staying asleep to counteract insomnia
  • Reduction in widespread inflammation throughout the body, possibly relieving aches and pains while improving mobility
  • General improvements to your overall sense of well-being since the endocannabinoid system affects many parts of the body.

How are CBD drinks made?

CBD drinks are unique products because the extract itself isn’t very water-soluble. This means that it’s easy to blend raw CBD isolates into fat-based products like oils, lotions, and even foods, but water-based liquids like teas, sodas and other beverages are a little trickier. However, today’s drink manufacturers have many techniques at their disposal for blending CBD seamlessly into any drink. The manufacturing processes vary depending on the finished product. Drinks that are sold in liquid, ready-to-drink form are blended together with the CBD extract and emulsified to ensure every sip delivers an even dose of the total CBD content. This ensures that if you only want to consume a fraction of a bottle, you can take an exact amount of active CBD by the milligram just by dividing the total liquid into fractions. You may need to shake a bottled CBD drink product in order to redistribute the active ingredients, so read the packaging on any liquid products you purchase and follow the dosing instructions.

Powdered drink mixes are made in a similar way, but a dry powder emulsifier is mixed with the dried CBD extract. Since you’re stirring these tea and coffee mixes into hot water to dissolve them in most cases, emulsification is achieved during this step anyway. You’ll enjoy a tasty beverage without any unwanted ingredients or extra work like using a blender or mixer. If you prefer to drink your favorite powdered CBD mixes cold, a mixing bottle designed to blend in whey powders and similar supplements will help you get a smooth and tasty drink without having to heat water or other liquids.

Finally, it’s also possible to infuse tea leaves, herbs, and coffee beans with a CBD extract that is released back into a hot drink when steeped. Don’t worry, heating up the drink won’t break down the CBD or make it harder for your body to absorb. Just don’t boil your CBD drinks for long periods of time or you may end up with a slightly stronger or weaker dose than you expected.

The benefits of CBD sodas and drinks

Switching your usual coffee or energy drinks out for a CBD infused beverage could do more than just lower your caffeine intake. There are many reasons to consider making CBD a part of your daily routine, and drinks are an ideal way to make taking CBD feel like an important ritual for your health. If you’re already struggling with stress, relying on energy drinks and other highly caffeinated beverages can raise your blood pressure further and worsen insomnia caused by nagging thoughts. Turning to CBD drinks instead may provide stress relief that finally allows you to sleep, reducing your need for caffeine to get through the next day.

Some people also report feeling energized by drinking CBD infused teas and coffees. Each person experiences the effects of this cannabinoid differently, so you should sample various types of infused drinks before deciding which one is right for you. You may find that a tea product is great for getting your day started and that juice shots are your preferred way of relaxing in the evening.

Types of CBD drinks

For the fastest results on the go, pre-mixed and bottled CBD drinks are the best choice. Many products are sold in small shots similar to the energy drinks that can be purchased at convenience and grocery stores. Instead of taking a concentrated dose of caffeine and B-vitamins for energy, you can get the relaxing effects of CBD in a single gulp. Other pre-mixed drinks are designed to replace sugary sodas and may even feature carbonation to make sipping your CBD dose more fun.

Other drinks must be brewed or mixed up, making them better suited for home use. CBD tea and coffee blends are easy to brew up any time you need a relaxing pick-me-up. The combination of natural caffeine levels combined with calming CBD can reduce jitteriness and other unwanted side effects. If you enjoy these brewed drinks but don’t have time to always make a fresh cup, most of them can be brewed ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator for reheating without concerns about losing their CBD value.

Reasons to choose CBD drinks

With so many ways to take the desired amount of CBD, you might be wondering why you should choose infused drinks in particular. There are quite a few benefits to this delivery method, many of which are shared with edibles. Some people experience mild gastrointestinal problems when taking pure CBD isolates and tinctures, yet they find that edible forms of CBD like drinks don’t cause these effects. Other people simply prefer the experience of slowly sipping a drink compared to mere seconds spent taking drops of a tincture. Since even concentrated nectar shots still spread the total CBD dose out over a larger volume of liquid, it’s also easier to take small doses throughout the day with drinks than with tinctures and oils. Finally, CBD drinks are easier than vapor pens and similar products to use in areas where you don’t want to draw attention to yourself. No one can tell that the tea you’re sipping from your travel mug has CBD in it.

Fun celebrations with CBD drinks

CBD infused drinks are a great way to liven up your next party or celebration. Infused alcoholic drinks and mixers are available, but there’s no need for alcohol just to have a good time. Ending a big meal with coffee or tea containing CBD is a great way to relax and encourage good digestion. CBD nectars and juices can also be added to punch or cocktails since the emulsifying effects will carry over into any drinks you mix up. Be sure to clearly label any drinks you serve that contain CBD so that guests can make their own decisions about whether to ingest it or not. If possible, try to figure out the CBD content per cup and display that too since some people are sensitive and prefer to only take small doses of the active ingredient at a time.

Don’t wait to sample some of these delicious CBD infused beverages. You may just find your new favorite way of taking a daily dose or livening up a party with friends.