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CBD and CBD Products - FAQs

  1. How does CBD work?

    In short, CBD acts on the body’s endocannabinoid system, which affects stress, the immune system, and pain sensitivity.

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  2. How do people use CBD?

    There is a large and growing list of uses for CBD. As a powerful anti-inflammatory, some popular applications including relief from pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and insomnia, as well as supplemental treatment for arthritis, epilepsy, OCD, ALS, and cancer treatment (in addition to the standard of care) among many others. We’ve compiled some of the research into these treatments on Why CBD?

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  3. Why should I buy my CBD products through CBD Marketplace?

    There are several reasons to buy from us:

    • Massive selection. With over 100 products from 8+ brands, we’re the biggest online marketplace for CBD products.
    • Rigorous testing. In addition to the independent testing performed by the companies themselves, we perform additional tests to ensure product purity, and vet each seller thoroughly.
    • Best guarantee. If for any reason you’re unhappy with our products, we’ll issue a full refund, provided you let us know within 30 days. That’s the best guarantee in the industry.
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  4. Where do CBD Marketplace products come from?

    Our products are grown and sourced from top producers throughout the United States, primarily in Colorado and Kentucky.

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  5. How is CBD extracted from hemp?

    Although cheaper alternatives are available, all CBD Marketplace products are extracted using the supercritical extraction method, which retains the desirable naturally occurring molecules from hemp.

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  6. What exactly are full-spectrum CBD products?

    CBD is one type of cannabinoid, and exists in hemp alongside terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids. Full-spectrum CBD products retain all of these compounds, rather than purely including CBD.

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  7. What are terpenes, and why do they matter?
    Terpenes are a form of essential oil that may work in concert with cannabinoids to provide additional health benefits.
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  8. What exactly is crystal isolate CBD?

    Crystal isolate is pure CBD, without additional cannabinoids, terpenes or flavanoids. They are a highly versatile product that can be consumed in a variety of ways.

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  9. What is CBD vape oil?

    CBD vape oil is an easy, convenient, and fun way to consume CBD via a vape pen. Vape pens work by evaporating the CBD oil, at which point it can be inhaled "or vaped" by the consumer.

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  10. How is vaping different from smoking?

    Because vaping is a process of evaporation and not combustion, it involves absolutely no smoke, and therefore none of the harmful toxins associated with smoking.

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  11. How do CBD edibles differ from CBD oil?

    CBD edibles are intended to provide the sweet, delicious delivery some people prefer (although tasteless capsules are also available), while CBD oil is ideal for those who prefer vaping.

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  12. What’s so special about the CBD products for pets?

    Our pet products are formulated to deliver the ideal dosage for pets based on bodyweight. Due to their generally smaller size, this dosage differs significantly from humans.

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  13. Do you use synthetics or THC in your products?

    We never use synthetics, and any naturally occurring THC content in our products is within the legal allowance of .3% or less

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  14. Is CBD Physchoactive?

    No. Hemp oil contains CBD, the non-psychoactive compounds of the cannabis plant. Hemp oil does not have the psychoactive qualities found in THC, and while using it you can maintain a clear mind and active lifestyle.

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  15. How is Hemp different from Marijuana?

    Hemp is not marijuana and will not get you ’high’. Hemp, or industrial hemp, is a commonly-used term for cannabis sativa plant strains which contain very low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and are typically used for its fiber and seeds.

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  16. Will CBD help me?

    Although not designated by the FDA as a health product, CBD has been shown in numerous studies to have various health benefits. Please read our product descriptions to identify the best products for you. There is also a wealth of research available online. However, we do not make any specific health claims about our products. As with any supplement, please consult your physician before use.

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  17. Why am I not feeling the desired effect?

    The first thing to remember is CBD is not THC and does not provide any psychoactive effects. The relaxing effect of CBD depends on many factors, including the amount consumed, the rate at which it is consumed, your body mass, and your metabolism. Feel free to try our other products in search of that desired effect.

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  18. What exactly is CBD?

    CBD oil is a cannabinoid—a natural chemical constituent— found in the cannabis sativa plant. Although cannabis sativa can be bred into marijuana, nearly all commercially sold CBD oil is derived from industrial hemp, which contains less than 0.03% THC content by law and causes no psychoactive effect. CBD oil is now widely recognized for an array of potential health benefits.

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  19. Will CBD make me feel "high"?

    No. Because CBD contains less than 0.03% THC—the psychoactive chemical in marijuana—it is not physiologically possible to “get high” off CBD.

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  20. Is CBD legal?

    While the specifics of state laws differ, our hemp-based CBD products are safe and legal for consumption in all 50 states. Worldwide, hemp is consumed by millions across dozens of countries. 

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