CBD Affiliate Programs: Why you should and how to do it

By 2022, Statista analysts estimate that CBD sales will reach nearly two billion dollars, an unbelievable 20 thousand percent increase in just eight years. While many supplements and remedies hit their peak within a year and then drop out of sight (Goodbye, green coffee), CBD continues to hold strong for one very important reason. It’s popularity isn’t based on one or two studies that may have questionable financial backers or conflicts of interest.

With each new study, human clinical trial, professional endorsement and FDA-approval, we get closer to understanding and quantifying the potential mood and wellness benefits of CBD.

A cross-sectional study on users of CBD found that 62 percent are “treating” a medical condition with CBD. Thirty-six percent of those doing so state that it “takes care of” the condition without the need for other medications. They’re taking CBD for everything from seizures to anxiety to chronic pain.

The scientific evidence is stronger for some conditions than others. For example, the FDA approved Epidiolex, an anti-seizure drug with CBD as the active ingredient, in 2018. And Sativex (a CBD-THC combo) has been approved in 25 countries around the world for the treatment of muscle spasticity in those with Multiple Sclerosis. People are catching on fast.

So you’d like to get in on the action. But you’re not ready to open up a “We sell CBD” shop on the corner or sell it online. You’re not prepared to take on the risk of starting a business. You can still make money in this thriving industry through a CBD Affiliate Program. Here’s how it works.

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program, also called “associate program” or “affiliate partner program”, is an opportunity for you to make money off the sales of popular products. Sort of like a finder’s fee or commission, you typically make an agreed-upon amount of money when visitors take a specific action outlined in your affiliate agreement.

What does an affiliate partner do?

As an affiliate partner, you may display program ads on your website or blog. Or, if you have a social media following, you might share the link in places like Facebook, Quora, Twitter, YouTube or Reddit. That link has a unique identifier code that lets a merchant know that a sale originated from someone clicking your unique link.

Whether you own a business, manage a blog, or are a social media influencer, this is a great way to turn the traffic you generate into cold hard cash. And, in case you’re wondering, this is how many of the influencers you see around the web monetize their popularity and quit their day jobs.

To get even more traffic and generate even more money, you might also consider using Taboola or Outbrain to drive traffic to your website from popular sites around the Internet.

How does an affiliate partner get paid?

Affiliate arrangements vary. Some businesses are looking for brand awareness, so they may pay you based upon your website traffic, regardless of whether someone clicks the ad. Or they may pay you for each click to their site. That’s similar to how you pay for clicks when you run ads on AdWords.

Others pay you only for direct sales. Someone clicks. Someone buys. You get a percentage or a fixed amount. And yet others will track their traffic over a longer period so that you still get paid if someone buys something 24 or 72 hours later. Whatever the arrangement is, you and an online merchant are now partners sharing in each other’s success.

Choosing an affiliate program {hint: be selective}

This passive income can really boost your revenues. But it’s important to be selective. Just think about the last time that you visited a website that was bogged down with ads. The page took forever to load. It probably “jumped around”. You accidentally clicked on ads that didn’t interest you and you couldn’t enjoy the page’s content. On top of the chaos, Google may penalize pages that offer this kind of poor customer experience, damaging the SEO and traffic-generating potential that you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Wow! That would be “biting the hand that feeds you”.

That’s not what you want.

The right affiliate partner values your contribution to their success and what you’ve built in terms of a brand that generates traffic. The right partner can help you turn your traffic into more cash with fewer ads on a page.

So choose wisely.

Why CBD Marketplace is the perfect affiliate program for you

In addition to the science behind CBD, contributing to its upward climb, the word-of-mouth in this industry is out of this world. You don’t have to look far on social media to find people talking about it. They’re telling their personal stories because it’s helped them. Those who use cannabidiol want to share it with others and it’s not slowing down. This creates very powerful social proof that makes CBD virtually sell itself.

That means that if you’re getting traffic, a carefully placed ad or link can generate a lot of interest and therefore be very rewarding.

But it’s important to team up with a reputable CBD company. Why? As an affiliate partner, you’re endorsing this company and CBD is a highly unregulated industry. You don’t want to give your upvotes to just any CBD company. Fortunately, you don’t have to leave this to chance.

CBD Marketplace is designed to connect consumers to the best CBD brands. We strive to offer a safe place and, therefore, only work with brands who consider quality, consumer safety and service as their top priorities. When you sign up to become an Affiliate Partner, you know that you’re backing some of the industry’s most trustworthy and popular brands. Turn their success into your success, and cash in your pocket, by joining our affiliate program.

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