The Many Reasons Pet Owners Are Turning to Natural Plant Oil

When it comes to taking care of pets, most pet owners will do whatever it takes. Sometimes though, "whatever it takes" can come with a hefty price tag. Visiting the vet is not cheap, and the vet may prescribe unnecessary medication that is also rather costly.

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Pet owners are turning to CBD to help soothe pets

Your pets can't get on the Internet to buy what they need to stay healthy and active. If they're experiencing pet separation anxiety, joint pain, digestive issues or sleep troubles, they look to you because you're their beloved pet parent.

You're the one who can get them what they need. And pet parents today take this responsibility seriously. The human natural foods industry is on pace to exceed $70 billion by 2025. Pet owners trust natural products for themselves and want the same for their pets. What's driving this trend? Let's explore some of the top pet conditions for which pet owners want to keep it natural.


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Martha Stewart is investing in natural pet remedies

Martha Stewart made her fortune by having an innate understanding of people and a knack for discovering products that fulfilled a need in their lives. She is now using that ability to bring natural relief to the lives of pets suffering from a variety of ailments. Their owners will be able to use these products for issues like anxiety, inflammation and even sleep problems.


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How this natural remedy may help your dog sleep better

It's 3 a.m. You're sleeping soundly when a wet nose presses against your cheek. You best friend wants to go outside to do what dogs do. He's whimpering and pacing, a sure sign that this can't wait. Worried about an accident, you suffer through this middle-of-the-night ritual only to find yourself 30 minutes later with a pillow over your head trying to block out the incessant whining, scratching and pacing of your dog.

He doesn't have fleas. And he could have waited until morning. Instead, he's suffering from sleep troubles. And similar to your behavior when you can't sleep, he's at a loss about what to do.

If you're also at a loss about what to do for your pet who can't sleep, know that there is a natural remedy that may cause better sleep for pets.


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