The popularity of hemp oils that may help treat the symptoms of illnesses like anxiety and chronic pain is growing exponentially. Not all hemp oils users have two legs, though. Some hemp oils patients are of the animal variety - specifically, pets. Here's how pet owners are using hemp oil products to relieve their pets' anxiety.


Are hemp oils safe for pets?


Are hemp oils safe for pets?


The anxiety that pets often exhibit during stressful events like thunderstorms can be reduced with few if any, side effects. Hemp oils not likely to cause sedation, studies suggest that it does not damage internal organs or the digestive tract. Adverse events related to hemp oils treatment are extraordinarily rare in both humans and animals. Toxicity is more likely to occur when a pet eats something they shouldn't, like chocolate or a poisonous plant.


That said, it's essential to use products designed for the breed of animal. Avoid using hemp oils dog treats for cats or cat hemp oils oil for dogs.


Quality matters


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It's essential to look for high-quality hemp oils pet products. Hemp oils oil and pet treats can come in a variety of flavors, including favorites like fish, chicken, and cheese to make getting relief as easy (and delicious) as eating a treat. Look for reputable brands that have clearly labeled ingredients and dosing information.