Your pets can't get on the Internet to buy what they need to stay healthy and active. If they're experiencing pet separation anxiety, joint pain, digestive issues or sleep troubles, they look to you because you're their beloved pet parent.

You're the one who can get them what they need. And pet parents today take this responsibility seriously. The human natural foods industry is on pace to exceed $70 billion by 2025. Pet owners trust natural products for themselves and want the same for their pets. What's driving this trend? Let's explore some of the top pet conditions for which pet owners want to keep it natural.

Anxiety in pets

Any animal, including those that walk on two legs like you, can suffer from anxiety. The most obvious signs appear in dogs and cats and may include:

  • Tearing up the house when you leave.
  • Running under a bed during thunderstorms or fireworks
  • Excessively gnawing or scratching on furniture, hardwoods and carpet.
  • Having repeated accidents in the home.
  • Fear of people or other pets. This is most often a sign that the pets are experiencing current abuse or were abused in the past, so you should definitely explore if there's a reason your buddy doesn't feel safe before exploring natural treats.

This anxiety is not only annoying to humans and destructive to your home; it can take years off of a pet's life. Pet owners are turning to natural remedies. They don't want to sedate their pets. They're just looking for something that that can ease these fearful symptoms and allow their pets to return to their usual playful, loving selves.

CBD oils for joint pain

Dogs and cats don't often tell you when they have joint pain. But just like you, as they age, it's inevitable that they will develop joint inflammation that will get worse with time. They may favor a leg, walk tenderly or not play as much as they normally would. They may even yelp or try to bite when you pick them up. It hurts. But they can't tell you. Large and purebred dogs and cats often suffer the worst and earliest.

While joint inflammation is a natural part of the aging process, pet owners are learning that they do have some control over how bad it is and how fast it advances. CBD oils for pets currently on the market can reduce inflammation, which in turn slows down joint damage caused by aging. Reduced inflammation reduces pain. This allows your cherished friend to stay more active, which can further slow joint damage progression.

CBD remedies for digestive issues

No one likes to clean throw-up off the carpet, but dogs and cats often don't know where to go when they feel ill. And if those digestive issues are in the lower intestines, you may have a much bigger problem on your hands.

Once again, pet parents are turning to CBD, vegan-friendly and natural treats to alleviate these digestive issues. Natural treats can reduce intestinal inflammation and soothe an upset stomach so that your beloved cat, dog or even guinea pig feels better.

If your pet has any of these ailments, a natural remedy may be just what your friend needs to feel better.