Martha Stewart made her fortune by having an innate understanding of people and a knack for discovering products that fulfilled a need in their lives. She is now using that ability to bring natural relief to the lives of pets suffering from a variety of ailments. Their owners will be able to use these products for issues like anxiety, inflammation and even sleep problems.


Understanding People and Pets


Stewart first began exploring the benefits of CBD for health issues through her association with Snoop Dog while producing the show, "Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party." That gave her legitimacy in this realm and allowed her to grow into the role of an advocate for those looking for plant health remedies.


A New Business Venture


That led to the recent announcement of her partnership with Canopy Growth Corp. The company brought Stewart on in hopes of leveraging her consumer product knowledge in overseeing its first line of products, a range of natural remedies for pets.


Canopy Growth Chairman and co-CEO Bruce Linton referenced Stewart's iconic status in an interview with USA Today. "Martha is one of a kind, and I am so excited to be able to work alongside this icon," he said. The hopes are to eventually branch out into human remedies as well.


A Promising Future


Canopy Growth hopes that teaming up with Martha Stewart pays off by expanding its appeal to younger audiences. In January of 2019, the company received approval for a license to produce its line of products from New York.


With the market for CBD health solutions expected to reach up to $22 billion in the next three years, it makes sense for Stewart to add an investment in natural remedies to her vast portfolio. With studies indicating the usefulness of such products for problems like anxiety and epilepsy, the future seems bright for Stewart's partnership with Canopy Growth Corp.