Kristen Bell Stays in a Good Place Using CBD

by Saleamp

Kristen Bell
Photo: Kristen Bell Facebook

After years of being on TV and in the movies, Kristen Bell understands the heightened levels of anxiety brought on from the stresses of the industry. She achieved iconic status from her roles on TV shows like “Veronica Mars” and ‘Heroes.” Currently starring as Eleanor on NBC’s “The Good Place” with Ted Danson, she’s managed to find natural remedies that help keep her on an even keel.

Controversial decision

Bell discussed her enjoyment of CBD therapies that suit her lifestyle during a visit to The View last year. A storm of criticism arose around her choices after she first broached the subject on Marc Maron’s “WTF with Marc Maron” podcast. Many felt she was insensitive to continue using plant-based oils and remedies around her husband, Dax Shepard, who is 14 years sober.

The actress clarified that she never used the remedies in front of her children. Shepard also defended his wife, emphasizing his belief that his status should not impact his wife’s choice. As she stated on The View, “That would be like asking a diabetic spouse, ‘don’t ever eat sugar in front of me.’” Bell emphasized that she would never put her husband’s sobriety at risk and would stop if she felt he needed the support.

Relief from anxiety

Kristen Bell went on to tout the benefits of her daily use of therapeutic oils and plants in her ongoing battle with society. She expressed empathy with those who objected, saying that using them “scared people.” She objected, however, the idea of being approached with an attitude of rejection, stating “Come into the conversation with critical thinking and ready to analyze it, don’t come in with like ‘that’s bad!’”

Growing popularity

The use of natural plant-based remedies isn’t just limited to celebrities. A growing number of men and women turn to these solutions for relief from anxiety, menstrual pain, and a wide variety of other ailments. The stats show that usage is not limited to the young, with a recent study finding that adults 55 to 64 are now the biggest consumers.