Around 20 percent of Americans are living with chronic pain. From recurring headaches to joint pain to backaches, they often struggle to find relief. It's hard to enjoy activities they love, spend time with family or get the most out of a hard day's work. But many don't want the dangerous side effects that come with some of those "other" pain reliefoptions. So they turn to natural products to help them get their days back.

CBD remedies for headaches

Some natural remedies can help prevent headaches, especially those caused by or brought on by stress and anxiety. These vegan-friendly remedies don't stop stress from happening; they support your body's natural ability to manage stress more effectively. That way you can stay more even-keeled and balanced.

You might also use certain essential oils when you first feel a headache coming on. These natural pain relief products can reduce or eliminate headache pain. While you want instant relief when you have a headache, we should also note that some natural remedies can prevent and reduce the frequency of headaches when they are used once to twice daily.

In this case, you would typically take the oil orally so that it stays in your system longer.

CBD oils for joint pain

Over-the-counter topical pain relief often includes essential oils that are trusted to relieve joint inflammation and pain. Did you know that your skin can absorb essential oils through the dermis to reach the bloodstream and affected joint? You can buy pain patches infused with these natural oils or use a plant-based tincture.

Simply drop several drops onto the affected area and rub in. Do this at least twice a day. Most people notice an instant reduction in pain. And with ongoing use, they generally experience more significant results. Some people also choose to take certain tinctures orally. Doing this doesn't provide instant relief. But it slowly introduces the natural oil to the bloodstream, which allows it to stay in your system longer. Over time, this may begin to prevent the pain.

CBD oils for muscle pain and back pain

It's hard to work out when you have workout-related muscle pain or chronic back pain. Lifting becomes a chore and you don't move as quickly as you'd like. On top of that, it hurts.

You can apply natural remedies topically to painful areas much like the joint pain relief mentioned above. Or you can take the oil orally for a more extended relief.

Some essential oils can also be taken into the lungs or taken sublingually (under the tongue). In both instances, the natural oils come in contact with mucous membrane instead of a tougher epidermis or your stomach acid. This means that the oil can get absorbed more quickly into the body. Faster relief means you can get back out there doing what you love with less time lost in recovery.

If you have very targeted pain, like one painful muscle or joint, direct application to the area is best. But if you have pain all over, then through the lungs, under the tongue or taking it orally may be your best option. The best thing you can do to find fast and lasting relief is to try several different combinations to see what works best for you.