One in four people in people in the United States have dealt with pain lasting for more than 24 hours. But, for many, the pain doesn't go away. It impacts daily life. Desire to alleviate pain leads to overuse of painkillers like ibuprofen. Others turn to addictive opiates.


A growing body of scientific research suggests that hemp oils may hold the key. However, finding the right MG makes a difference.


How hemp oils may help pain


Hemp oils, a non-intoxicating, plant-based substance has shown the potential to reduce the inflammation. Some inflammation is good. It fights infection. But too much causes pain and damage. Hemp oils may help support your body's ability to regulate inflammation. Joint inflammation? Back pain? Cramps? Hemp oils may be able to help.


On top of this, research shows that it may help regulate pain signals traveling through the nervous system. When you have abdominal pain, the only reason you feel it is because of these signals. We're not suggesting that hemp oils stop all pain signals. But it may slow them down to a manageable level.



Factors to consider when finding the right hemp oils MG


There are several factors to consider when starting a hemp oils regimen.


  1. How much do you weigh?
  2. How severe is your pain?
  3. How will hemp oils be administered?


MG by weight


As a general rule, you'll need one to six MG per 10 pounds of weight.


Here's what that comes out to:


  • 86-100lbs = 9-12MG
  • 100-151lbs = 12-16MG
  • 151-200lbs = 14-19MG
  • 201-249lbs = 18-24MG
  • 250+ = 19-25MG


It's very important to note that the MG present in the product you use will vary. One ML could mean 5MG or 25MG, depending on its potency. The above MG recommendations are for those taking hemp oils twice a day. It's better to spread it out.


MG by pain level


Only you can say how bad your pain is. Think about it on that 1-10 scale. Is it 1 to 3? Your pain is mild. Or, is it 7 to 10? Your pain is severe.


If you have mild pain, start at the lower end for your weight. If you have moderate pain, then start in the middle, and if it's severe, you'll probably be close to the top of that range, maybe higher.


MG by administration method


The above recommendations are for oral hemp oils, the kind you might take in a tincture or edible. Some methods of administration can get a higher amount of hemp oils into your bloodstream. This means you need less MG to get the same result. This is called bioavailability. In order, the most bioavailable to the least is as follows: