Forty million adults in the U.S. suffer from anxiety, amounting to 18% of the population. Yet only around 40% seek help. For many, barriers to health care are to blame. Yet others loathe the idea of spending the rest of their lives taking something that might have side effects. For both, herbal remedies can offer the solution. Here's how to take a natural remedy to help your body naturally reduce anxiety levels.


1. Understand the two types of anxiety


There are two basic forms of anxiety. Some people experience acute attacks while others live in a low-grade anxious state all the time. Their minds are overwhelmed with scary thoughts. Some of them are practical, such as "How will I pay my bills if I lose my job?" Others are somewhat irrational, like "I'm going to die if I go outside." Both are very real concerns. But anxiety causes you to obsess on these kinds of things to the point that you can't function.


2. Explore what anxiety actually is


Anxiety seems mental. But much of it is physical. You're pumping too much adrenaline into your body. Adrenaline is the fight or flight hormone. It's normally produced when you're in danger. But people with anxiety produce it constantly, often due to stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, etc.


Anxiety leaves the body and mind feeling exhausted.


3. Address both types of anxiety with herbal remedies


Regardless of which kind of anxiety you have, it's important to address both kinds because they're so interconnected. That's where CBD oils come in. They don't just focus on an event like a panic attack; they may help reduce your likelihood of having one in the first place because they're getting to the source of your anxiety.


4. Using your natural remedy


So the goal is to use a remedy that offers sustained results. It stays in your system to make you feel more balanced throughout your day. You're less likely to have a panic attack if you feel balanced.


Some vegan-friendly CBD remedies interact directly with your nervous system, safely and effectively reducing the cellular hyperactivity that causes adrenaline-overproduction while increasing the release of serotonin, the happiness hormone.


The best way to keep a plant-based remedy in your system is to take a regular dose of a high-quality remedy.


Try taking a plant-based remedy of sufficient milligrams twice a day orally. This keeps the active ingredients in the herbal supplement in your system. In the event of an extra-stressful moment, the fastest way to get an herbal supplement into the body aside from an injection (not recommended) is by placing the natural oil under your tongue or inhaling it.


5. Use a remedy you can trust


Some plant-based oils for anxiety actually have significant scientific research to back up the claims that people make about anxiety relief.


In fact, in one double-blind study, they gave participants a natural remedy or placebo before asking participants to give a speech to a crowd of people. The ones who received the natural remedy were very noticeably calmer and more confident. Their heart rates, blood pressure and perspiration also stayed at low levels compared to the placebo group. Other studies show similar long-term effects.


Now, isn't this the kind of natural anxiety relief you want?