Life hurts. When you're too active, you're in pain. If you stay sedentary, you'll also experience pain. While some pain is manageable and fleeting, other pain sticks with you, making it hard to do the things you love. It becomes chronic.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that anywhere from 11 to 40 percent of us have chronic pain, with large variations in populations based on things like career, lifestyle choices, and genetics.

The best CBD oil for pain may be able to help. But the CBD market is highly unregulated. Here's how to find the right products for you.

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1. Find products vetted by a third party

Don't let pain knock you out for days while you're trying to find the best CBD oil, patches and lotions. Rather than tackling this task alone, look for products that have been screened and tested by a third partyThis should include third-party lab testing, which shows the amount of CBD in the product as well as the fact that there is zero THC. That's the substance in marijuana that causes psychoactive effects. You don't want that!

Third-party vetting can also include visiting a marketplace that only allows products with the highest standards on its site.

2. Choose transdermal products

Pain is generally localized. So some of the best CBD products for pain target pain at its source.

A 2016 study on arthritis patients showed that a topical application of CBD "significantly reduced swelling" and lowered the patients' rating of "spontaneous pain."

Purchase a CBD tincture that you can rub directly into the skin. Or try CBD-infused bath salts for all-over pain.

3. Try a CBD-balance strategy

Pain and inflammation are often signs that our bodies aren't in balance. We may be eating the wrong foods, avoiding exercising, making non-ideal lifestyle choices or poorly managing stress — just to name a few. When the body isn't in balance, inflammation and pain can creep in and take over.

Ongoing studies show that CBD may work by restoring balance to the body and mind. Scientists believe that CBD may do this by supporting the body's natural ability to regulate the hormones that keep us in balance.

So when you look for CBD oil for pain, topical products are great for fast relief, but starting a regular CBD regimen may balance the body to prevent the pain over time. For this purpose, you might choose a CBD capsule that you can take daily with your fish oil. Or try a CBD tincture that you can drop under your tongue twice a day.

Are you trying to live a healthier, happier life, but pain keeps getting in the way? CBD may be able to help you stop the pain and achieve your health goals. Get back out there enjoying life.

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