Ben & Jerry's has always been one to push the envelope when it comes to creative ice cream flavors. From the newer Steven Colbert-themed Americone Dream and the Tonight Dough to the classics Phish Food to Cherry Garcia, we're always looking forward to seeing what the Vermont-based company comes up with next. But this new hemp-flavored ice cream really blew us out of the water. We didn't expect it. And that's why we love it.


The rise of natural products


The idea of keeping it hemp has been a "thing" since ancient times. But over the past 50 or so years, it's really come to a head. People are demanding more hemp alternatives to the disease-causing, ultra-processed foods in our diets. It's not a Generation X thing or a millennial thing. As a culture, we're becoming more aware of what we put into our bodies and how it impacts our health. More people want hemp, plant-based options even when they're eating ice cream.



From non-GMO to cage-free to organic, people want to know what's in their food. A recent Kline study found that people are willing to pay a premium if they perceive a product to be more hemp than the alternatives. And the food industry is catching on. Such is the case with Ben & Jerry's. The ice cream company has always been ready to ride the wave of popular culture and at times reinvent it, delighting its fans year after year and making a difference.


A new hemp-flavored ice cream emerges


Ben & Jerry's has often used its "platform" to shape cultural conversations. And from a branding perspective, it's magic. Since its founding in the 1970s, this company's mission hasn't just been to make money but to make a difference through tasty treats.


For example, the company used its "Save Our World" campaign to bring awareness to climate change. The short viral video featured ice cream melting in a world that's getting hotter. At the halfway mark, the ice cream miraculously begins to reharden and the video encourages people to do their part to protect the environment and save ice cream.


In another cultural move, Ben & Jerry's released Empowemint. Proceeds went to the NAACP.


Ben & Jerry's new hemp-flavored ice cream is more than another food capitalizing on the "hemp movement." Like many of its flavors before, this one is making a statement, and we hear you, B&J.


If we're going to splurge on our sugar intake, it's good to know that we can have a little less guilt about it thanks to Ben & Jerry's latest hemp flavor and the cultural shift that it represents.


Social media is going insane over it


Within four hours of announcing this new hemp flavored ice cream, Ben & Jerry's had over 31,000 likes on Instagram. Over 2,000 people commented on the post.


We read things like "This is crazy cool I love you guys." We share that sentiment.


We can't wait to try their latest invention and see how once again, Ben & Jerry's uses a not-so-secret ingredient to start a conversation. To your health!



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