Athletes across sports take a beating as they strive to be the best. While all of the intense training may help them win, it can lead to massive inflammation, pain and even injury. In a career in which staying healthy, strong and fast is crucial to their livelihoods, athletes can't afford to stay down and out. That why increasingly they are turning to CBD remedies that likely won't get them banned because of a positive blood test. But it will help them prevent injuries, stay healthier and get back in the game. Pain relief for athletes could be just this simple.


The athlete dilemma


For decades, athletes have struggled to find relief. Many of the things that could help them reduce pain and recover faster are banned because they can be abused. But there's one herbal remedy that has been extensively tested for safety. It's not habit-forming. It doesn't make you feel funny or impair your judgment.


Athletes are finding pain relief in a different way
Athletes are finding pain relief in a different way


It's no wonder that an athlete like pro golfer Scott McCarron says of CBD oil: "I feel like I can play longer, I can practice longer, play week in and week out and not have that soreness that you might have to take a week off because your body needs recovery." Like other athletes, McCarron has to be very particular about what he takes to ensure he doesn't get kicked off a tour or lose endorsements.


Pain relief for athletes at last


Athletes don't always experience pain because of an acute injury like Kevin Durant's torn Achilles. Often the pain is a more nagging pain. It's caused by inflammation. A growing body of research shows that a particular vegan-friendly oil can reduce inflammation and help with pain in top athletes.


Much of the proof is anecdotal as athletes share their stories. But we're also seeing very promising studies, in progress and completed, that have so far offered us a glimpse into how a plant-based substance reduces pain and inflammation.


How the herbal remedy works


When a part of the body is overworked, as is the case in the intense training that athletes endure, the cells send signals to the brain. They let it know that the area needs help healing and recovering. The brain responds by telling the immune system to send special cells that fight infection, repair what it can and remove dead and damaged cells.


We call this inflammation. It's a good thing when it works as it should. But the repeated impact on the body can lead to chronic inflammation as the cells cry out for help when there's really nothing wrong. Scientists believe that the active ingredient in this plant has the ability to calm these cells down, therefore reducing the amount of inflammation that the immune system sends to the area.


Less inflammation means less tissue damage, reduced pain and faster healing. That's the kind of pain relief for athletes we've been looking for.


Not an athlete and wondering if the active ingredient in this plant could help you too? It's time to find out. Put pain in its place and get back to life with CBD oil.